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Wildflowers (US Version)


On the Inside is a collection of 16 tracks that showcase the Wildflowers’ wide range of deep country, contemporary rock n’ roll, and pop influences, with personal lyrics inspired by the nomadic upbringing of the group’s two sisters: lead singer Siddy Bennett and keyboardist Kit Bennett. Along with James Ashbury on guitar and mandolin, the band wrote On the Inside in their shared one bedroom apartment in Bristol. The album is filled with songs and lyrics that drip with longing for the American dream, a dream that the trio finally made a reality this year with a permanent move to Denver, Colorado. With blissful tracks like “Let It Go” that capture the trio’s carefree attitude, to bolder songs like “Chemistry” that showcase their fiery spirit, the Wildflowers’ new music is a modern, exciting take on early 70s folk, distinctly drawing from their musical inspirations such as Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton and The Eagles.